Eizellqualitaet verbessern: Ernaehrung, Lebensstil, Nahrungsergaenzungsmittel

Improving Egg Quality: Nutrition, Lifestyle, and Micronutrients

Successful conception and a healthy pregnancy are significantly dependent on the quality of the eggs. The following three steps can help you when trying to conceive. They will improve the quality of your eggs: A healthy diet following the Fertility Diet and an active lifestyle form the foundation. In addition, high-quality supplements can positively influence egg and embryo quality.

The Fertility Diet

The Fertility Diet, based on a Harvard University study, aims to stabilize blood sugar levels by limiting refined carbohydrates and sugars and instead focusing on complex carbohydrates. Balanced blood sugar levels can help reduce hormonal fluctuations and promote fertility. The study also emphasizes the importance of an adequate fluid intake, through water and unsweetened teas, to keep the body hydrated.

The Fertility Diet consists of a variety of healthy foods, including leafy greens, berries, nuts, seeds, fatty fish, whole grains, and legumes.

Lifestyle Changes

Regular exercise and stress reduction are key factors that can contribute to increasing female fertility. Physical activity can help stabilize hormone levels and improve blood circulation in the reproductive system.

High quality micronutients

High-quality vitamins and nutrients are crucial for promoting female fertility and improving egg quality.

The following micronutrients have shown a positive effect on egg quality and embryo quality in scientific studies.

All relevant ingredients should be included in a fertility supplement in a bioavailable form and at optimal dosages.

Nutrition, Vitality, and Micronutrients for Female Fertility

A woman's egg quality is not predetermined but can be positively influenced by certain factors. With a thoughtful dietary plan and a healthy lifestyle, combined with high-quality micronutrients, you can achieve this.