Taboo Topic: Infertility - Time to Break the Silence

Desire for children is a central aspect of life for many couples. However, associated issues often remain hidden. At FERTILABS, we believe it's time to break the silence and engage in an open dialogue about fertility and unfulfilled family planning.


Why is infertility a taboo topic?

The desire to have children and fertility are deeply rooted in the personal and intimate aspects of life. Many people encounter a wall of silence when it comes to sharing their experiences and challenges in this area. Claudia, the founder of FERTILABS, also had this personal experience. Even within the closest family and friends, this topic is only discussed in hushed tones. The atmosphere in fertility clinics is somber, and affected couples often avoid eye contact out of shame. Unfortunately, in our society, childlessness is often associated with a sense of incompleteness or failure. The silence often stems from the fear of being judged or misunderstood

Lack of education and awareness

Despite the growing issue of infertility in our society, there are still many misconceptions and lack of awareness regarding fertility issues. Many people are not adequately informed about how common fertility problems are, as one in six couples experiences fertility challenges. Additionally, there is limited knowledge about assistance and support for infertility. This lack of awareness contributes to perpetuating the taboo surrounding infertility.

The Other Half of the Equation - Male Infertility

The topic of fertility is often perceived as a 'women's issue,' which frequently leads to men feeling excluded or uncertain when it comes to discussing their own fertility. Male infertility is often associated with 'unmanliness,' which unfortunately reinforces the silence. However, in about 40% of cases of unfulfilled parenthood, the man is the cause. It's important to note that male fertility can also be significantly supported through premium micronutrients and a healthy lifestyle.

How can we break the taboo?

The taboo surrounding fertility is deeply ingrained in society, but there are concrete steps we can all take to break this silence and create a supportive environment for those facing fertility issues.

Open Communication
It is crucial that we all learn to talk openly and without prejudice about infertility and fertility. This begins with personal conversations but can also be promoted on a societal level through public discussions and information campaigns.

Education and Awareness
It is important to educate the general public to debunk myths and provide a realistic picture of fertility issues. Education is a powerful tool in combating stigma and ignorance.

Support for Those Affected
Offering counseling services and support groups is essential to help those affected process their feelings and find the necessary support. Online platforms can also be a valuable resource for sharing information and building a community of supporters.

Hold Employers Accountable
Companies and employers can play a supportive role by offering flexible working conditions and psychological support. This can create an environment where employees feel comfortable discussing their fertility journey. Particularly, the process of assisted reproduction often involves regular medical appointments, which may require flexible working hours.

Include Men
It is crucial to involve men in the discourse and raise awareness that fertility issues can affect men as much as women. Open communication about male fertility can help break the stigma of 'unmanliness.

Stronger Together

Here you will find an interview with Claudia, the founder of FERTILABS, where she shares her own challenging fertility journey, how she now aims to help and inspire others facing similar situations, and why micronutrient-based fertility products can support fertility in both men and women.


Press coverage

Responsible reporting and showcasing different journeys to parenthood can help raise awareness and break stereotypes. It also serves as an educational tool to highlight the various ways to enhance fertility in both men and women. Claudia Gessler-Zwickl, the founder of FERTILABS, is also contributing to this effort through her own challenging fertility journey, aiming to inspire and support other childless couples.

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