Spermienqualitaet verbessern: Tipps fuer Maenner

Improve Sperm Quality: 5 Tips to Improve Male Fertility

39 million sperm leave their homeland at a speed of 17 km/h and set off on the 15 cm long journey to their new home: the ovum. Only one of them will succeed in reaching his goal and fertilizing her - one or none. Because the chances of a sperm implanting successfully are almost as high as winning the lottery. And that's why it needs our support! Because if it succeeds, the result is almost better than winning the lottery: we get pregnant, have a baby and start our own little family. So that we can achieve this dream, here are five tips that will help you get pregnant faster.

1. Take micronutrients 

Vitamins and minerals are essential for almost all bodily processes. They promote cell growth, strengthen our immune system and support the metabolism. And what is good for us is of course also good for our offspring. Because micronutrients also affect our fertility and support the production, mobility and survivability of our sperm. We therefore recommend:

  • Coenzyme Q10: Supplementation with this antioxidant can significantly increase sperm concentration and motility. In test groups, significantly better seminal fluid and fertility were demonstrated after just a few weeks.
  • Trans-Resveratrol: This botanical helps fight free radicals, boost the immune system, and promote cell repair capacity. This mechanism also enables him to improve egg and sperm quality and thus increase fertility.
  • Selenium: This trace element has a direct effect on the quality of sperm in men. If our body lacks it, the number and mobility of sperm decreases proportionally.
  • Omega 3: This fatty acid helps men to have more testosterone, bigger testicles and faster sperm. This is because the sperm membrane contains relatively large amounts of omega-3 in the form of DHA. An additional intake increases the sperm volume as well as the percentage of sperm in the semen.

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2. Avoid hot temperatures

Sperms like it nice and cool. Two degrees below body temperature is ideal for them, which is why our testicles have been biologically swapped out. But sitting for a long time, tight pants, baths or excessive sauna sessions heat them up more and more and cause DNA damage to the sperm. But don't worry: Research has also shown that this heat damage is reversible. We therefore recommend keeping a cool head and a cool step when planning children.

3. Avoid stress

Mental stress can manifest itself in physical symptoms. This is the case, for example, with chronic or acute stress, which can have a negative impact on sperm volume, sperm count, sperm concentration and sperm mobility. Long-term stress is regarded as an additional risk factor for infertility and can have negative consequences for the development of the offspring even if fertilization is successful. However, since reducing stress levels in turn improves sperm quality, we recommend regular breathing exercises, meditation and relaxation techniques.

4. Eat a healthy diet & exercise regularly

A healthy lifestyle is good for our body, mind and fertility. With a balanced diet paired with an active lifestyle, we not only promote our own fitness in bed, but also that of our little helpers. We therefore recommend a lot of exercise, lots of vitamins and a lot of serenity.

5. Avoid alcohol, nicotine & anabolic steroids

These toxins are not only harmful to your body, but also to your offspring. Because they can not only reduce your own cell growth, but also that of your sperm: alcohol can have a negative effect on the morphology, quantity and motility of sperm, nicotine can damage sperm and lead to abnormal shapes and anabolic steroids can cause temporary sterility cause sperm production in the testicles to be blocked. We therefore recommend avoiding any form of alcohol, nicotine and steroids before attempting pregnancy for the first time.