Dr. Alexander Just: What Cells Truly Need?

Dr. Alexander Just, an expert in fertility, and a member of our Scientific Board, discusses supplements during pregnancy, lifestyle factors, and what our cells truly need.

Why did you decide to support our company as a member of the medical advisory board?

I have been working as a fertility expert for 25 years and want to assist women in achieving pregnancy as naturally as possible. Although I perform IVF treatments myself, my main interest is helping women have babies.

Claudia Gessler-Zwickl approached me with the idea of developing a meaningful miconutrient combination for couples trying to conceive. With her product line, VILAVIT, she aims to do exactly what I do: support as many couples as possible in making their dream come true.

Do women who have a balanced diet need fertility supplements?

Yes, because the quality of the food we consume has not improved over the past 30-50 years, primarily due to intensive agriculture. While we have an abundance of food, nutrient concentrations tend to be lower. Unless we return to growing our own food in our gardens, which is not feasible for most people, we will increasingly rely on supplements in the future.

What role do lifestyle and micronutrients play in fertility?

A significant one. Today's lifestyle is characterized by stress, whether it's managing a demanding job, an existing family, or simply a fast-paced life. It makes sense to improve the body's ability to handle oxidative stress, which is the body's ability to deal with inflammation due to stress, by enhancing its antioxidant potential. You can establish an anti-inflammatory diet and help the body cope with stress-induced inflammation. Additionally, intermittent fasting can naturally aid in autophagy, the process of reducing cellular waste. These three things: 1. Lifestyle changes toward healthy eating, 2. Fasting, and 3. Micronutrients can be applied daily without needing to see a doctor. My experience has shown that taking matters into their own hands and being proactive gives patients a lot of strength.

What sets VILAVIT products apart from other supplements on the market?

The problem is that most products have insufficient nutrient concentrations. Our bodies require a well-coordinated orchestra of vitamins, trace elements, and minerals that complement each other rather than cancel each other out. Many people experiment with individual substances that cannot work as solo instruments but need an orchestra. Multiple substances in a sensible and balanced combination create better results.

For example, VILAVIT Female contains 16 different micronutrients, while the "competition" typically offers only 5 nutrients. Additionally, VILAVIT uses high-quality raw materials in a bioavailable form that the body can absorb immediately.

In summary, the number of active ingredients, dosage, and high-quality chemical compounds make the crucial difference in VILAVIT.

How important is lifestyle?

Very important. Simply taking nutrients is not enough. We still need to eat healthily, exercise, and occasionally give our bodies a break.

VILAVIT Female aims to help women conceive naturally. What does the egg cell need to develop optimally, and in what timeframe does it need it?

Many believe that the egg is only in the body for four weeks, but it's actually present for 120 days. During this time, it transitions from an immature, dormant cell to a mature follicle. Nutrients or infusions can be provided to support and positively influence this maturation process.

Key ingredients in VILAVIT Female are Coenzyme Q10 Ubiquinol and Alpha-Lipoic Acid, which supply energy to the mitochondria, the cell's powerhouses. Energy is crucial during the egg's maturation process because the oocyte contains 300 times more mitochondria than any other cell in the body. The formation of a mature egg, fertilization, timely cell division in case of pregnancy, and embryo development all require a significant amount of energy. The egg  needs the best possible support, which includes nutrient supplementation.

Additionally, the egg is the largest cell in a woman's body and the first to start aging. Women who plan to have children at a later age, around 35, require energy support for the healthy maturation of the egg.

VILAVIT provides essential antioxidants to protect the egg and vital energy sources for the demanding egg maturation process.

How long should one take VILAVIT Female, and can it be overdosed?

To allow eggs to mature optimally, a good neutraceutical should be taken over several months in combination with a healthy lifestyle. Short-term lifestyle changes are not effective. Overdosing is unlikely unless someone were to consume a month's worth of micronutrients at once, which hopefully no one would do.

Decreasing sperm quality is a significant concern. What can VILAVIT Male do to address this issue?

Men should also start by assessing their fertility. In addition to an optimized nutrient cocktail, which includes substances like selenium, zinc, vitamins B and C, L-arginine, folate, and omega-3 fatty acids, trans-resveratrol is a vital component of VILAVIT Male. Numerous studies have shown in recent years that this antioxidant can contribute to improving sperm quality.

Men should also consider lifestyle adjustments, such as avoiding tight pants (which can affect sperm quality due to heat), minimizing exposure to mobile phone radiation (although this area requires further research), and being mindful of factors like sugary drinks, lack of exercise, and environmental toxins like phthalates, which are inevitably absorbed.

What advice would you give to women trying to conceive in general?

Reproductive health should be a part of every woman's life, just like an annual pap smear. Young women, starting from age 25, should undergo an assessment to determine their egg reserve and cell health. Based on the results, they can then have sufficient time to work on improving cell health if they plan to have children or simply to age healthily.

This proactive approach represents a paradigm shift in medicine, and I am aware of that. In the realm of fertility, we need to move away from treating reproductively challenged couples and toward preserving natural fertility. Taking VILAVIT micronutrients to support fertility plays a crucial role in this shift.

Dr. Alexander Just's "Just-One-Step Method"

The method developed by Alexander Just focuses on preserving biological fertility as long as possible to enable natural pregnancy. It involves blood tests to determine body and cell health and lifestyle assessments through questionnaires. The method is intended for women aged 25 and older who want to know about their egg reserve and fertility, for women with fertility issues, and for those who have undergone unsuccessful IVF treatments. The consultation includes a blood test and comprehensive analysis of the results.

Alexander Just is a member of the Scientific Board of FERTILABS.